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Waxing in West London

Waxing | West LondonHush Clinic  specialises in a variety of Waxes: Hot or Cold, Strip or Without strip and all kind of shapes you desire: Waxing you within an inch of your lady bits. It may be a shade more longer because we are more thorough than many salons, and  it is worth every painless penny. Therapists use an assortment of their own specially made waxes – the ones that don’t require strips, but rather harden on the skin and get pulled off quickly by the best in the business- we have not encountered a less painful de-hairing service in the capital. The exclusive focus on waxing means that every detail has been considered- from the discreet wet wipe provided on your bed and secure your belongings. With relaxing music during treatment. The menu, meanwhile, lists everything you might want from a wax – in incredibly plain English. You can opt for a ‘bikini wax and crack’, or even a ‘labia and bottom’. Which does exactly what it says on the tin. We welcome your Visit at Hush Clinic Hammersmith for all of your Waxing

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This treatment is available in: Hammersmith, Putney, Fulham, Chelsea, Shepherds Bush