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iS CLINICAL Facial in West London

iS CLINICAL Facial   

We believe that the key to healthy looking skin is a skincare professional that’s why here at Hush Aesthetic Clinic we have chosen iS CLINICAL Facial.

With a range of customized iS CLINICAL Facial available with one of our Skin Specialist

To achieve glowing, smooth and youthful looking skin, many of our clients are now opting for more advanced skincare treatments.This iS CLINICAL Fire and Ice Facial is a popular multi-step medi-facial, designed to resurface the skin, treat problem areas, smooth out fine lines and encourage cellular renewal.

The relaxing treatment uses a combination of masques infused with bio-active extracts, natural ingredients and vitamins to smooth and sooth the skin. Clients walk away from the treatment with an unmistakable glow, improved skin tone and texture and a significantly clearer complexion.

The Fire and Ice Facial is a pain-free treatment. The natural glycolic acid used may cause mild tingling denoting the ‘fire’ element. This tingling sensation quickly subsides when the ‘ice’ masque is applied, nourishing the skin with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid and cooling aloe vera.

Unlike other intensive clinic peels, the Fire and Ice treatment requires no downtime, the skin will not peel afterward.

We are one of the stockists for iS CLINICAL Facial products in Hammersmith, Fulham area. Feel free to contact us and order your new healthy skin bundle.

How could I benefit from this: 

  • Stimulate collagen production to diminish the appearance of signs of photo ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and dullness by exfoliating the skin’s surface cells
  • Help to soften and smooth the appearance of the skin’s surface texture
  • Decrease the frequency of imperfections and fade the appearance of dark spots
  • Help to maintain and enhance the results of iS CLINICAL Facial
  • Enhance other in-clinic procedures for increased results.